How to make a basic salad

In the hot summer heat I have huge cravings after nothing but simple salads. No need fot any special ingredients, just a few sesonal veggies from the market will do with any kind of cheese, nuts and a vinaigrette.DSC03808

However, I suggest using the best ingredients you have on hand. Raw veggies taste good only if you use the freshest produce you can find. I recommend you using unsalted, toasted nuts since toasting them intesifies they flavour. You can use basicly any kind of nuts or seeds: almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts…


Do not serve salad in a deep bowl. Instead, use a regular plate. Chop your greens and after placing them on your plate, put a few drops of your vinaigrette on them. If you put the vinaigrette only on the top, the bottom of the plate will be tasteless.


You can add some more veggies: tomatoes, cucumber or peppers…


…and some olives, shaved cheese and toasted nuts.


The salad would be tasteless without a viniagrette. It is probably as versetile as a salad: you can use any kind of oil, herb or spice you want to. My favourite is the dijon mustard-honey viniagrette, but this time I sticked to the basics.

Here is an amazing poster about viniagrettes:





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